WECO Edge 550 CAD5  RES56

WECO Edge 550 CAD5 RES56

WECO Edge 550 CAD5 reference RES56

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Ref : RES56
Ref RES56
Brand WECO 
Edger’s Model Edge 550
Edger’s year 2009
Counter process 55641
Descriptionof edger’s faults 6-17   /    7-5
Tracer’s model CAD 5
Descriptionof tracer’s faults Axis table Y
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Superior edging results with Weco Edger system.
The set Weco Edge 550 CAD5 has a host of features that have been purpose designed for the highest possible efficiency in lens edging.
In fact, the Edge 550 provides simple and economical manufacture of the widest range of spectacles, including rimless frames. Due to its qualities as reproducible, fast and highly precise drilling results ease the work in the workshop.
For example, find below few characteristics of Weco Edge 550 CAD5:
This edger allows drilling in variable angles, but also a grooving according to the lens curve and bevelling according to the frame curve.
Let me talk you also about the chamfering mode on both sides of the lens.
Therefore all lens materials can be processed quickly and safely. But that’s not all.
Besides, flat and V bevel polishing are possible.
So, this machine allows a really self-explanatory intuitive operation!
Consequently, using the Weco Edge 550 means the working with and measuring high index, thin and soft materials has never been easier, even the most delicate of lenses.
Moreover, the Weco Edge 550 CAD5 also comes with a new polishing technique for a high gloss polish on either flat or V-bevel.
Also, with appealing design and pleasing functionality Weco’s new generation is convincing.
And its tracing mode is performed with absolute precision using fully automatic processes.
Furthermore, you’ll find an intuitive graphic display who is employed to control functions and display the lens form.