Kappa L10

Essilor kappa Tracer-Centerer-Blocker or Centerer-Blocker kappa

Centering-blocking mode: Fitting cross (passive) – OpticaCentre (active).
Automatic initialisation
Cycle counters.
Automatic frame positioning.
Automatic feeler insertion.
Automatic tracing of frame, pattern, demonstration lens (RE and LE), pre-shaped lens (RE and LE).
Three-dimensionaand automatic binocular tracing (automatic RE/LE transfer).

Symmetricabinocular tracing.
Non-symmetricabinocular tracing.
High-Precision binocular and monocular tracing.
Automatic measurement of frame bridge.
Shape alteration
2 track video opticasystem: without parallax.
Direct input of decentrations (increment of 0.5 mm) in mode: PD/2 – D X – Boxing H or below pupi- D Y -(combinations).
Target specific to lens type: single vision, bifocal, progressive, executive.
Display of pre-calibrated sizes.
Toobar customising.
Display of job number.
Adjustment of screen and video contrast.
Electric clamping controwith pressure control.
Possibility of network operation: maximum of 32 units => tracer-centerer-blockers + edgers + PC.
PC connection.
Built-in automatic maintenance functions.
Dimensions of colour LCD screen: 158.40 x 209.00 mm.
Size: 265, D 410, H 568 mm.
Weight: 15 kg
Voltage: 230 V – 50/60 Hz or 115 V – 50/60 Hz.
Electricaconsumption: 50 W – protected by 2 time-lag fuses of 2 A – 250V/5 x 20 mm.
Complies with standard.
· Complies with ISO 16284.