BRIOT is a French brand based in Pont-de-l’Arche (Eure) in France.
The name of the company is LUNEAU VISIONIX BRIOT WECO.

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Visionix is an innovator in ophthalmic diagnostics for over 20 years.
A lot of results are very patents in wavefront technology.
The wavefront diagnostic instruments are a real innovation in optical world.

Visionix exists since year 1994 with the ambition of democratizing the wave front technology.

Wavefront technology measures an optic system (lens, eye) in a multitude of points based on wavefront methods. Whereas traditional technologies measure a single point or a just a few points.

Wavefront technology is useful in numerous fields.

Visionix pioneered a method to miniaturize this technology, permitting its incorporation in a large group of instruments.

In addition, Visionix is believes this technology should both accessible and affordable for everyone as it provides unique benefits and exceptional accuracy.

Besides, this technology was initially reserved for cutting edge sectors such as astronomy.  So, the aim was to use it for vision health care by including it in diagnostic and measurement instruments.

Initially concentrating on research and development, Visionix was rapidly able to find concrete applications leading to the release of the first industry-specific equipment based on this technology in 1997. And also in 1998, refraction equipment dedicated to ophthalmic diagnosis.

Then, in 2003, the merger with Luneau France (founded in 1928), with its high profile in ophthalmology, followed by the acquisition of  Briot/Weco  in 2010. So, these 2 brands names with more than 180 years’ experience in the optical industry and ophthalmic lens finishing , resulted in the creation of a group close to its customers and in-tune with market needs.
This is why their goal has always been to provide you with the latest technologies to allow more efficient screening. Also to permit in case of visual disorders, to provide a better quality of life with technologically enhanced equipment and instruments.

Whatever the mission is to help eye care professional succeed in all their diagnostics to detect as many pathologies as possible.

That’s why they create technological solutions developed to detect pathologies such as glaucoma and keratoconus, cataract and refractive surgery needs.

In addition to, they innovate into refraction and finishing solutions that help to increase the acuity and the comfort zone of wearers.
With a commitment that matches its ambitions, Luneau Technology has also brought together three field leaders: the 3″O”

Optics, Optometry, and Ophthalmology

Always in keeping with its’ goal to make the most innovative technologies widely available, Luneau Technology has made Research and Development one of its top priorities, resulting in proposals of new solutions to eye care professionals every six months.

Thus, its strengths lie in 2 R&D teams : one dedicated to edging systems in France and the second to optometry in Israel. Both combine forces to design and manufacture innovative items.

Morever, these technological contributions and advances are made possible only by their close contact with the market, which has been developed over many years. And through understanding and responding to the changes that come.
Nowadays, the Luneau Technology group, bringing together the Briot/Weco and Visionix brands, is a major force in the market. With a range of equipment to cover, all the requirements of the vision correction process.

Refraction and ophthalmic diagnosis, lens inspection in industrial production and lens cutting at the optician’s. In fact, our aim has always been to provide you with the latest technologies to permit quicker screening for visual disorders.

In order to provide a better quality of life, with ever more effective equipment. However, our first objective is to be close to our customers. In the same time,  and in tune with market requirements, it is made possible with a large worldwide network: 12 subsidiaries and more than 160 dealers.
As Luneau Technology has now positioned itself as a global supplier of ophthalmic equipment. Furthermore, they extend from refraction and diagnostic tools to equipment for labs and finishing.

Luneau Technology also features diagnostic devices, specialized optotypes, displays, and ophthalmic technologies enhanced by the expertise of Visionix, Briot, and Weco.  A long time edger developer and manufacturer, is renowned for innovation and expertise in finishing.

Boosted by Luneau Technology,  it’s why the three brands, Visionix, Briot and Weco, have combined synergies.  They have multiplied their portfolio. Allowing Luneau Technology to provide solutions for the daily requirements of Eye Care Professionals.

Visionix is here to help keep your practice on the leading edge of technology now and in the future.

R&D department allows the migration from manual to digital be a painless process.

Creating a network of instruments that communicate with each other. This help to improves streamlines workflow in workshop.
Also it helps to eliminate human error and paper waste.