ME1000 Design+

The Perfect ME1000 DESIGN Plus +

The ME1000 DESIGN+, with advanced technology can edge, polish, groove, drill and apply a safety bevel to the highest of industry standards. Morever, this latest addition to Nidek family of edging systems offers advanced functionality for creating an elaborate lens design of the highest quality.

You can make everything:

Partial Grooving:

This function, UNIQUE to DESIGN+ model, is for applying partial grooving to the lens for design purpose and for improving the appearance of the rimless lens. For example, by coloring the partial grooved area of the lens,the contour can be accentuated. Inaddition, the groove can be partially altered, making the groove in which the nylon cord sits less noticeable, while providing a better fit for the groove that rests against the frame. Display magnificationis 2x for precise viewing.

Be Inventive !

Faceting mode:

Also UNIQUE to the DESIGN+ model, a highly fashionable facet processing can be applied to the lens outline, offering a new, high-value added attraction to the lens. With a user-friendly touch panel, quick and intuitive operation is possible. Both front and rear facet are available, and the amont and width are adjustable. The sophisticated screen simulation provides a virtual shape of the finished lens, allowing visual confirmation of the actual result before processing.

Hight Speed & High Quality Edging

As well as a world-class, high quality edging system, the ME-1000 DESIGN+ offers an improved processing time (15% faster than former modeis). Using the Advanced ‘Soft Grinding’ mode, even with super hydrophobic coated lenses you will now achieve optimum results.

Extended Lens Types

The ME-‘l 000 DESIGN+ accommodates all lens types inclusive of glass, plastic, polycarbonate. acrylic, etc. To provide best possible results, the system incorporates special grinding modes for individual lens forms. Detecting the chuck pressure whilst edging, the unit intelligently reduces
any inaccuracies and grinding noise emission {-1Odb compared to former rnodeis). For example. the “TRX mode” for TRIVEX material offers increased precision and stability in processing.

Versatile Grinding Wheels

The ME-l000 DESIGN+ has three types of grinding wheel composition – Type PLB, PLB-G and PLB-2R. Combining a polycarbonate/CR39 roughing wheel, a glass roughing wheel, a glass bevel and flat wheel, a plastic bevel and flat wheel and a bevel and flat polish wheel, the ME-1000
DESIGN+ ensures the best possible finish for all types of lenses.

Polishing mode:

Advanced Mirror Polish technology offers a high finish quality. The ME1000 DESIGN+ has the ability to apply botha flat edge polish and a bevel polish.

Get Creative !

Small “B size” Processing:

The ME1000 DESIGN+ is specifically designed to process smaller lenses, with a special adaptor and matching lens clamp to accommodate new NIDEK pliable “mini” lens blocks (minimum B size for flat: 17.4mm and for bevel: 18.4mm). In addition , the unit features a screen prompt for when the use of “mini” lens blocks are recommended.

It’s up to you to become an artist !

  • Power specifications

Power supply voltage AC 100 – 115 V 50/60 Hz or AC 230 V 50/60 Hz (depends on models)
• Power consumption 1.5 kVA

  • Dimensions and weight

Dimensions:  620 (W) × 600 (D) × 465 (H) mm
Weight:  70 kg (main body only)

  • Environmental conditions (during use)

Installation location Indoors
Temperature +5 to +40oC
Humidity Relative humidity does not exceed 50% at a maximum temperature
Altitude Up to 1000 m at sea level

  • Environmental conditions (during transport and storage packed)

Temperature -25 to +70oC
Humidity Relative humidity does not exceed 50% at a maximum temperature.

Now up to you to expand, Create & Customize Frame Fashion !