Nidek Company Outline:

NIDEK is a top manufacturer of ophthalmology equipment and optician products in the world. Also, the japanese company manufactures a variety of products including diagnostic equipment, examination equipment for opticians, and coating treatment. However, Nidek has been committed to “eyes” since its establishment and now contributing to general public by expanding its business to “Eye & Health Care”.

Main Products:

Since its establishment in 1971, they have endeavored to be a company that brings “invisible to visible”:  “visible to recognition” and build the relevant “eye instruments.” To this end, Nidek has expanded our business within our three core fields : Ophthalmology and Optometry, Lens Edging and Coating. Also, Nidek aims to continue being a leading company both in eye and health care and strive to provide our customers with excellent resources for a healthy and delightful life.

Core Competence:

Through the integration of the cutting-edge optical and electronic technologies, Nidek aims to realize the following three dreams: “ invisible to visible”- creating sight for those who have none, “visible to recognition”- enabling life through vision and “eye instruments”- the tools that make dreams happen. Whatever, Nidek has become a leading global company in the field of ophthalmology and opticians by distributing a variety of products. Nidek has also focused on intellectual property management for improving company value. Currently, we are making every effort to realize a society where people around the world enjoy their life, through its business extension to the broader field, “Eye & Health Care.”

Comprehensive solutions with its wide variety of products:

Forever, NIDEK offers a wide array of equipment designed for the diagnosis and treatment of retinal diseases, glaucoma, and other
vision-impairing afflictions. Our aim is to avail the field with products of unmatched quality, service, and value

NIDEK has always strived to maintain its place as an innovator in the industry. With our sound business foundation and a pledge to excellence, the japanse company will continue to move forward in answering the needs of vision-care providers throughout the world.

Optical Workshops:

Since 1997, Nidek has been the first manufacturer of compact automatic grinders with integrated plotter and has since continued to improve the performance of its products to ensure the best result for the optician, whatever the type of mounting and the materials used.
A know-how
An experience in refractive examination solutions in optics-optometry and ophthalmology as well as a complete range of services and solutions allow them to fully exploit the high technology of the instruments.

Ophtalmologist Instruments:

Since the launch of the first Xenon photocoagulator laser in 1973, Nidek has become one of the leading partners of ophthalmologists equipment worldwide.
Nidek  offers measurement systems that combine state-of-the-art technology and ease of use. Thus, their range is extensive and covers ophthalmic devices for eye examination, and diagnosis.