In order to reduce the risks associated with the use of electrical equipment – fire, electric shock, injury, etc., it is essential that the basic safety rules should be complied with. In addition, we strongly recommend that you read this manual before you bring your digital system into service, and that you keep it somewhere safe thereafter. Also, the mechanical adjustment, electronic, and electrical servicing operations must be performed by a technician from the after-sales service department, who has been approved by the manufacturer.

So that you will be able to use your system in full safety, we recommend that you comply with the following instructions:

– Your work bench must be clean, free of clutter, and have sufficient lighting to ensure that you can work in safety.
– Be sure not to use your digital system in the presence of inflammable liquids or gases.
– In order to protect yourself from electric shocks, avoid making contact with any surfaces connected to ground.
– Check the electric power cable periodically, and if it is damaged, have it replaced by an approved repair man.
– Keep the cable well away from heat sources, sharp objects and oily substances.
– Never pull on the cable in order to unplug it from the mains supply.
– Before connecting your digital system to the mains supply, make sure that the power switch is in the “0”(Off) position.
– If the power switches are no longer performing their “On/Off” function, then you must stop using your digital system at once. Faulty switches should be replaced by an approved technician.
– When the equipment is not to be used for an extended period, or before carrying out any maintenance, and/or when replacing certain accessories, it is imperative that you disconnect your digital system from the electric power supply.
– Your digital system is a professional tool, and its use is reserved to specialist and responsible operators.
Use by anyone other than these operators should be strictly forbidden.
– Before using your digital system, check that it is operating correctly, and make sure that it is performing its function correctly.
– The use and operation of any accessory other that those recommended in this manual is liable to give rise to a risk for the operators using the product.
– Do not use your digital system for any purpose other than that described in this document.
– Your digital system should be maintained with care, and in accordance with the detailed instructions in the user manual.
– Your digital system is an electrical device which conforms to the appropriate safety rules. If it malfunctions, any repair operations must be performed by a qualified technician. Otherwise the user will render himself liable to risk in terms of safety.

Safety Instructions:

Before any operation on the machine (installation or servicing), check that main power switch is off and power plugs are both not inserted in wall socket.
Do not place the edger near or on top of a source of energy (radiator or heater).
Make sure your voltage source corresponds to the voltage specified on edger nameplate, located on the rear of the machine.
If the machine is not going to be used for a long period of time you should unplug the power cords from the wall outlet.
The inverter is delivered complete, with cables, plugs, strain relieves, correct configuration and tested by the manufacturer.
Please note that no field servicing is permitted for this unit.
DSS Optical SARL doesn’t assume any responsibilities or liabilities for damages caused by negligence or ignoring the safety precautions enlisted here.