To guarantee that you’ll receive a fully functional device, your machine underwent a full rigorous testing process and qualifications, of which main steps are the follow:

First of all, we choose only the best machines and only “one first owner” models before, for being renovated process.Then, they are fully refurbished by our technicians, and calibrated here in Montluçon, middle France. Each machine was cleaned up, fully checked with proven technical process of the brand, refurbished and calibrated by our factory-trained technicians, and describe on the website.

DSS Optical company does a high-level refurbishment job, with complete disassembly and cleaning of the machine, replacement of defective parts and parts that require regular replacement. Moreover, each part is checked, regreased, and numerous tests are done.

Thereby, the functional test, that aims to confirm that all edger functions are in perfect working condition.

Then, the calibration process, that allows for product adjustemnts.

Next step, is the the settings phase who insures the product performance on any mode, on any materials: here, numerous lenses are cutted again and again.

A final inspection is done by another person and allows to check as well the aesthetics conditions than full working order of your next automatic lens edger 🙂

Finally, a great and careful attention is paid to the packaging, in order to guarantee the machine during the safe shipment.

Should you neverthless experience problems with the products sold by SARL Digital Screen System, you have to always keep in mind that these products are Second Hand market, so we encourage our customers to make an educated decision, take responsibility, and to remember that it’s still pre-owned machines, aesthetically and mechanically. Also, don’t hesitate to contact our team for any questions or suggestions.

Bye bye !