Cleaning the Edger:

Rinsing of the auget and cleaning of the tips and stems of the feelers.
Drying with a clean cloth.
Cleaning the window.
Control and cleaning of the clamping gear.
Cleaning the drill with a brush to take off the lens chips, especially after cutting polycarbonate.
Clean the cover with water or alcohol.
Never use solvents.

Cleaning the Tracer /Blocker:

Clean the glass/window with a soft cloth to remove lens dust.
Clean the frame clamps with brush.
Clean the cover with water or alcohol.
Never use solvents.

Every day at the end of work:

Leave the door of the edger open to remove the moisture generated.
Put the lens clamping subassembly in “closed” position.
Cover or protect the covers.
Close the water supply valve in case of open circuit.
Electrically turn off and disconnect devices.
Check the filter regularly, and clean it if necessary, as well as the decanter tank.

With frequency depending on the number of jobs per day:

Clean of the wheels with cleaning laps, followed by a good cleaning and a full recalibration after each wheel clearing.
Complete cleaning of the decanter tank and Put a new filter.
Lubricate with silicone grease the lens clamping shaft regularly, after having first rinsed and cleaned this shaft.
Complete cleaning of the window of the edger, exterior and interior.

Recommended equipment for maintenance:

Brush or very handy Toothbrush.
Soft and clean cloth.

Some other tips:

Don’t use aggressive products, powerful anti limescale, solvents..
Avoid compressed air appliances.
Don’t use any grease to lubricate the various elements:
For that, don’t hesitate to ask us for advice.