ESSILOR Kappa M10 Kappa L10 PIE27

The photographs illustrating the products are contractual pictures. Photos are taken for each machine: each picture and each video are REAL ones.

Ref : PIE27
Ref PIE27
Edger’s Model Kappa M10
Edger’s year 2009
Counter process 14927
Description of edger’s faults No fault
Tracer’s model Kappa L10
Tracer’s year 2009
Description of Tracer’s fault
 No fault
    • Pump
    • Blue Box
    • Calibration tools for edger & tracer
    • Lens clamp standard, mini
    • Posiblock holder nose
    • Standard gauge for edger adjustement
    • Allen Key
    • Lens Holders standard, mini, half-eye
    • Cleaning Lap for finishing wheel, for polishing wheel
    • Spare trough light
    • Two spare fuse
    • 2 Barcode reader
    • Pliers for removing lens holders

    This list is purely informative and in no way reflects reality. Please check the presence of the accessories in the photos below. No claim will be accepted.

For more information you can consult the website:
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For more information you can consult the website

The DSS Optical company does a high-level refurbishment job, with complete disassembly and cleaning of the machine, replacement of defective parts and parts that require regular replacement, even if they are still functioning. Each part is checked, regreased, and numerous tests are done.
Many lenses are finally cut to check again and again, the calibration was checked again and the latest adjustments done.

This machine Essilor KAPPA M10 L10 reference PIE27 was chosen to be refurbished for its very low counter: always well maintained by only ONE owner !

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