Mr Orange M22

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Essilor Mr. Orange


Thanks to a mix between speed and performance, Mr. Orange lens edging system sets a simple and accessible standard for even the most difficult jobs. Whatever the finish or curvature of the lens, its wide array of functions guarantees quality results.

Total Command of your Jobs

Also a 30o tool inclination: Combined with lens geometry analysis, this range of movement provides outstanding results for all lens finishes (grooving, drilling, beveling) and base curves.
And a Fit-4-Frame technology: Variable geometry bevel with a dedicated chamfering wheel for shelf-beveling and fitting lenses in every form of groove regardless of the frame base

Designed to Change with Lenses

Morever a Control process: Especially for hydrophobic treated lenses, this cycle offers outstanding control of the lens integrity (centering, edging, treatment resistance), irrespective of the material, shape, and finish.
So a real-time control of cutting forces offers a good execution time and performance ratio.
And customized finishes: Customization of the finish parameters offers good results and guarantees a fit under all circumstances.

High Level of Tracing

Then, binocular tracing in 3 dimensions up to base 9
Adding to a feeler profile and inclination patented by Essilor, designed to follow  all the grooves
And a mechanical design, accurate and regular

Efficiency Based on Comfort

Don’t forget the centering space designed for all lens geometries, including curved large diameters and recut lenses
Also, a hand rest and front-loading blocking arm designed for ambidextrous use
Adding to oft touch finish of the centering range for work comfort and more accuracy

Precise Centering Strategy

Whatever, the centering aid: Real-time orientation and validation of the centering position
Also, the centering free from all prismatic effects, irrespective of the lens power
Automatic adjustment of decentrations depending on the frame parameters (curve angle, base and pantoscopic tilt) and the wearer data

Traces between the Lines and Stores Data Twice as Fast

Simultaneous acquisition of the shape and drilling data
Direct tracing without handling the lens or any accessories
Simple, easy access to the shape and drilling libraries

Tool Inclination

Comfort Centering

Optical Tracing 1

Optical Tracing 2

Centering Aid Screen

Fit-4-Frame Screen

Size, Weight and Dimensions:

Integrated auto-maintenance functions (self-calibration, autotests)
Size of colour touch screen: 8.4 inches
Dimensions: L 570, D 490, H 550 mm
Weight: 65 kg
Power supply: 230 V – 50/60 Hz, or 115 V – 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 1350 W – 10 A for 230 V and 15 A for 115 V
Two-pole circuit-breaker
Average water consumption:
• CR39, glass, TrivexTM and MHI: 8 litres/minute.
• Polycarbonate: 10 litres/minute.
Measured noise level on edging, at a distance of 0.5 m from the machine:
• Plastic lens = 71 dB
• Glass lens = 71 dB
• Polycarbonate lens = 71 dB
• TrivexTM lens = 72 dB
• MHI lens = 71 dB

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